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Rare Clinohedrite, fluorescing orange, contrasts spectacularly with the bright green fluorescent of Willemite interspersed with black Franklinite in this fantastic, tall, UV reactive mineral specimen collected from the then-active Franklin Mine in Franklin, NJ. Minor Calcite and potentially Hardystonite accompany. A fantastic old mine combination specimen from a legendary, long closed, location. Clinohedrite is only found at Franklin and Sterling Hill mines, accessing the same ore body, in New Jersey. Photographed under under 254 Shortwave UV light. Collected from the then-active, legendary Franklin Mine in Franklin NJ, one of the most unique geological assemblages on the planet. 3.75" x 2.75" x 1.75", 1 lbs

Clinohedrite, Willemite & Franklinite, Minor Calcite & Hardystonite.

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