Large crystals of Red Willemite fluoresce a brilliant green in contrast with the non-fluorescent black Franklinite. Old mine find from early/mid 20th C. An extremely shortwave and longwave UV fluorescent old-mine specimen from the ancient mountains of Northern New Jersey, USA. The Franklin Mine, Franklin, NJ contain some of the most spectacular geology on Earth, 300 or so different minerals, about 20% of which fluoresce in short or long wave ultraviolet light. This deposit of zinc-iron-manganese ores shaped by the Precambrian highly metamorphosed contains minerals in forms that exist almost nowhere else. These images were taken with the least-expensive (under $50) dual-band UV light available to provide an honest baseline, the better the light the better the glow! 2" x 2.25" x 1.5", 5.3 oz.

Fluorescent Red Willemite with Franklinite. Franklin Mine, Franklin, NJ