The deep orange fluorescence of the Sphalerite provides a spectacular contrast to the bright green fluorescence of the Red WIllemite. Franklinite accompanies. An extremely shortwave UV-fluorescent old-mine specimen from the ancient mountains of Northern New Jersey, USA. An active-mine piece from early/mid 20th C. from the Franklin Mine, Franklin, NJ. It contained some of the most spectacular geology on Earth, 300 or so different minerals, about 20% of which fluoresce in short or long wave ultraviolet light. This deposit of zinc-iron-manganese ores shaped by Precambrian carbonates are highly metamorphosed and contain minerals in forms that exist almost nowhere else. These images were taken with a 254 nm UVC light, which has to be used carefully. Violet purple is an artifact of the light NOT Hardystonite. Franklin Mine, Franklin, NJ, USA. 2.5" x 1.25" x 1.5", 4 oz.

Gemmy Red Willemite and Sphalerite with Franklinite. Franklin Mine, NJ, USA