An expertly prepared 9.36 gram part-slice of the Meteorite, Imilac. 3 cm x 2.75 cm

Pallasite meteorites are the rarest of all types and consist of Iron and translucent crystalline Olivine (Peridot) that are theorized to have originated at the Core Mantle boundary of protoplanets destroyed during the formation of oursolar system 4.6 billion years ago. It was initially found in 1822 in the Atacama Desert of Chile. One of the Big Three stable Pallasite meteorites, many quickly rust away due to the nature of their non-terrestrial iron. The stability and stunning translucent Olivine makes Imilac among the most sought-after meteorites among collectors.

Imilac Pallasite Meteorite: expertly prepared 9.36 gram part-slice