Founded in 2015, Studio Mineralia connects people and their planet using the natural geology of our planet as our creative inspiration.

We offer beautiful, ethically sourced crystals and minerals from around the world, create art exploring minerals in macro-detail & design mineral-inspired apparel and games to provide new opportunities for people to become as fascinated with our beautiful planet as we are.

Our goal is to provide an initial moment of fascination, the time you kicked a rock and discovered a trilobite, that creates a new way of seeing and appreciating the Earth.

The Studio Mineralia logo is based on the ancient concept of the Antipodes "those whose feet walk opposite to ours". In geography, the antipode of any spot on Earth is the point on Earth's surface diametrically opposite to it. A pair of points antipodal to each other are situated such that a straight line connecting the two would pass through Earth's center.

Our logo celebrates the space between, the Earth itself.  It contains elements of the four cardinal directions and hints of the geology that lies within.  

We are based in New Jersey, 12 miles outside NYC.