Jonathan Stone, as seems appropriate, loves rocks and minerals.

His work is the product of a life-long fascination with rocks,
minerals and fossils coupled with a need to encourage
an interest in and appreciation of our planet, itself.

Jonathan’s experienced eye and use of

macro photography create new perspective,

revealing hidden details and fractal landscapes.

Minerals and their geology informed the

evolution of our primal aesthetic principles.

Endless variations on color and geometry,
formed in the dark as innately fascinating,

intent-less expressions of the earth.

Created without human input, it is art nonetheless.
Ours for the inspiration and interpretation, free from
the responsibility of their initial creation.

Specimens both rare and attainable shine in
a new, fascinating light that fosters a deeper
connection to the earth and its natural processes.
Presentation on contemporary metal prints allow
for the play of light across stones, traditional

framed prints dovetail with any decor.

“I hope my work creates the first spark that
inspires a lifetime of interest in, exploration of and
dedication to our planet.” - Jonathan Stone

MSU StudioMineraliaSCiComm.jpg

I was thrilled to learn that my photographs

"Phase' and ' Transition' have won the Photography category  in "Catalyst: A Science Art Exhibition" hosted by MSU SciComm (@msuscicomm),

Michigan State University's science communication organization.