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The Tucson Gem & Mineral Shows

Studio Mineralia @ Superb Minerals
1243 N. Main Avenue, Tucson

January 26 - February 16, 2022

Studio Mineralia is heading to Tucson, Arizona!
We are thrilled to be participating in the World famous gathering of rock, mineral, crystal and fossil lovers from around the world!​

We will be displaying a series of first-time-on-the-market Fluorescent minerals collected by an employee of the legendary Franklin Mine in Franklin, N.J. over the entire course of the mines active existence! Nobody had better access to the discoveries at this top 5 global mineralogically diverse location as well as its later sister the Sterling Mine, part of  which can be toured today.


Our friends at Superb Minerals have kindly provided us space in their 12,000 square foot Fine Mineral Gallery on N. Main, stop by to see the finest collection of Indian minerals the world has ever seen, massive geodes and a swiftly evolving display of amazing old-mine finds from the legendary Franklin Mine.

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